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The Most Fabulous Outfits Nancy Reagan Ever Wore
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Nancy Reagan: Former US First Lady dies aged 94
Former First Lady Nancy Reagan - whose marriage to Ronald Reagan was described as the US presidency's greatest love affair - has died aged 94.
Nancy Reagan Lady Bird Johnson, Presidents Wives, President Reagan, First Lady, The White Stripes, President Ronald Reagan
37 Reasons Why Nancy Reagan Was The Ultimate First Lady
Nancy Reagan
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Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's 1986 Wedding in Photos
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Top 10 First Lady Fashion Looks
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First Ladies in Vogue
First Ladies in Vogue | Vogue
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Betsy Bloomingdale Set the Standard for American Glamour
Betsy Bloomingdale Set The Standard For American Glamour
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Nancy Reagan 1921-2016
an older woman in a red dress sitting on a couch
Nancy Reagan: the fashion-forward conservative
Republican red: Dynasty meets Golden Girls chic, in her trademark shade of Republican red (with plenty of bling) at Claridge’s in 1989.
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First Ladies & Their Mothers - Carl Anthony Online
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Nancy Reagan: Another Fashionable First Lady (SLIDESHOW)
Nancy Reagan: Hand over her heart. Another Fashionable First Lady (SLIDESHOW)
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Nancy Reagan ran the White House with love and a Gucci-clad fist
The only U.S. President to have been divorced, Reagan had emerged from an unhappy nine-year marriage to his first wife, actress Jane Wyman, when he met Nancy (pictured)
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Nancy Reagan Photos and Premium High Res Pictures