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two pictures of a small table and chair in different stages of being made out of plywood
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Yesterday we showed you a fold up desk. Here is a table for two that also essentially folds in on itself. In my humble opinion this is not as sleek as the wall mounted one, but it is still a good way to space save in a small area. What do you think of this one?
three different views of a table and bench made out of plywood, including the top one with a child's toy sitting on it
folding play table
It's a car!  It's a desk!  It's... on a French website, so I don't really know that much about it, but it's cute! Desks For Kids, Children Desk, Car Desk, Kids Play Spaces, Kids Desk, Cute Furniture, Kids Room Furniture, Childrens Table
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It's a car! It's a desk! It's... on a French website, so I don't really know that much about it, but it's cute!
two children's chairs and table made out of wood, sitting side by side
детская мебель и дизайн интерьеров для детей
Kids plywood furniture. CLIC #1 turquoise
two tables with wooden legs and white top, one is shaped like an upside down table
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I desire this foldable table.
two pictures of a wooden table with drawers
Minimalist Dining Table by Maya Lin
space saving, the kitchen island is a cube that opens up to reveal hidden chairs - and the dining room table and chairs fold together to become a buffet side bar.
the sewing table is made from an old cabinet and has been turned into a desk
DIY Folding Craft Table or Foldable Desk
Make your small craft area work with this space-conscious DIY foldable craft table, built from inexpensive materials or even scraps. Two fold-out gate-leg dropleaf sections create a small or large workspace, with storage in the base for a sewing machine or supplies.
two pictures showing the same desk in different stages of being assembled and placed on top of each other
The Great Ideaz
Wife saw an Ikea table liked, but there’s no Ikea here. I said..I can make that.. It turns out I wasn’t lying
the folding work table is made from wood and has wheels on each side, which are also
Workshop Tips: Folding Table Base | Popular Woodworking Magazine
Space Saving Folding Work Table