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If you are looking for a more efficient way to find quality leads on LinkedIn and are not using LinkedIn lead gen form ads, you are missing out. To discover tips and tricks to set up a LinkedIn ad campaign that collects downloadable leads, read on. . . . #linkedIn #lead #generation #leadgen #digital #online #branding #marketing
an info sheet describing the benefits of email marketing
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Did you know? Considering the marketing activities with the highest ROI. marketers consider Organic Search(SEO) (32%), Content Marketing (30%), and Email Marketing (30%) the most effective.
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Did you know? Sending/receiving emails (79%) and Find info. about good and services (75%) are the most popular internet activities.
the words 7 avoidable website misstakes business owners are always making
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Websites are key to digital branding. Your brand will reach a far greater audience digitally than it ever will in real life. Most business owners, however, make critical mistakes with their websites that jeopardize the effectiveness of their digital brand. And the worst part is, these mistakes are easily avoided. #businessmistakes #digitalbranding #digitalmarketing
the 2012 year in review info sheet, with an image of people and numbers on it
Maximize Your Tweets [Infographic] – Digital Branding Institute
a man in a suit looking at his phone with the text how to use instagram to attract b2b customers
How To Use Instagram To Attract B2B Customers – Digital Branding Institute
I often come across B2B organizations that have a limited or non-existent Instagram presence. These organizations often focus on engaging with prospective business customers via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. However, with over 300 million users, Insta
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Did you know? Average page load speed on mobile sites is 22 seconds.
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Did you know? 18 videos are published per month by businesses.
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Free Digital brand site audit
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There are a lot of ways to handle your eCommerce Influencer Marketing campaigns -- which is a nice way of saying there are a lot of ways to do it wrong. Should you focus on micro- or macro-influencers? How do you even put a value on influencer marketing? Click this link to learn more: . #marketing #influencer #ecommerce #marketingstrategy #digital #online #digitalbranding #digitalmarketing #onlinebranding #onlinemarketing
an advertisement with the words, 60 percent less likely to revist and purchase from that brand in future
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Did you know? Users who have a bad mobile user experience are 60% less likely to revisit and purchase from that brand in future.
social media and advertising have the highest average amount of authority
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Did you know? Media and publishing have the highest average MOZ domain authority of 86.
a blue background with the words 37 % of organizations have no plans to run a digital information program
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Did you know? 37% of organizations have no plans to run a digital transformation program.
a woman looking at her cell phone with the words how to optimize your website for audio search
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In today’s world, optimizing your website to only get views is not enough. You must optimize for audio search as well. Voice-activated searches are growing in popularity all the time, and missing out on audio search consumers would be a mistake. Read here: . . . #audiosearch #website #websiteaudiosearch #digital #online #digitalbranding #digitalmarketing #onlinebranding #onlinemarketing
the text reads 86 % of women turn to social networking before making a purchase
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Did you know? 86% of women turn to social networks before making a purchase.