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a drawing of a man in black suit holding a cell phone
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KS Garally More Marvel, Comics, Avengers, Comic Heroes, Nerd, Dc Heroes, Joker
KS Garally
KS Garally More
two anime characters with swords in their hands
the cover to batman's new 52
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a comic book page with two men dressed as superman and the caption that says, always a pleasure to like you superman
Dick Grayson!
polmcarts: “Stop making it wierd! ”
a man flying through the air while wearing a blue and black suit on top of his head
ancient stone
specks of creation
an anime character with blue eyes and black hair, standing in front of a white background
Justice League; More like Batman and his Bitches
an image of a man flying through the air with his arms outstretched and legs spread out
Nightwing----- I love this in particular due to him posing like any super heroine ever.
the cover to nightwing vol 2, featuring an image of a man walking down a city street
Goonie's Lairl
Nightwing. Dick Grayson. <3
Dick Grayson!, dickgraysonn: titans #12 Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Fan, Draw, Harley, Superhero
Dick Grayson!
Dick Grayson!, dickgraysonn: titans #12
two cartoon characters sitting on a couch with popcorn in their hands and one holding a drink
"And I have the nicest ass."
the storyboard for batman and catwoman
La Gabicueva
Thank you . . . I hated that stupid ponytail! You'd think he would have been aware that the long hair would have put him at a distinct disadvantage. Just grab that thing and pull . . .
two people flying through the air while holding onto kites in front of a city skyline
COMICS: DC Celebrates THE FLASH'S 75th Anniversary With Variant Month This January
Flash and Nightwing
two cartoon characters are facing each other and one is holding his fist with the other hand
Lightning Strikes
Besties. Nightwing & Kid Flash.