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cinnamon rolls in a glass baking dish with text overlay how to make store bought dough cinnamon rolls taste like cinnamon
How to Make Store Bought Cinnamon Rolls Taste Like Cinnabon
cinnamon rolls being drizzled with icing from a red box on a baking sheet
easy 1 pan desserts 😋 | easy 1 pan desserts 😋 these are 4 of my favorite quick & easy desserts! Which is your favorite?? | By Kristin's Friends | Alright, y'all. Let's open up our cinnamon rolls. This is the best cinnamon roll hack ever, okay? I'm going to show you how to make these canned cheap cinnamon rolls like the kind you get at the bakery, okay? So, let me just open this up here. I'm going to open both of these up. This is so good. My family comes over and they think I bought these from a fancy bakery. Little do they know. I just buy the cheap ones at the store and I doctor them up. That's all you gotta do. Alright. So we're just going to plop all these in here right now. I'm going to I'm going to arrange them how they should be. And you know we gotta save this icing. This is real important. Oh there it is. It's in a little bag. Oh that's cute. Look at that little bag. Alright. So what we going to do here? Is just layer these cinnamon rolls out like so. Alright. So I have cans here and you see they kind of come apart a little bit but that's totally fine. Just going to put these all around like so. Oh that little one wants to unroll. Oh we just roll it right back together. We ain't going to waste any of these. Alright. So we're going to take the rest of these two. And I think for this recipe for my pan I have we only need one and a half cans about but you know what? We we going to use it all. I'm going to show you how. We don't use it all. We don't want to waste anything. These are so good. Mm. They smell so good already. Alright. There we go. And then we have one left. And you know what we going to do? We just going to take these little pieces. We just going to pop some in the center holes here. We want to use all these goodness. Okay? I'm telling you these are going to be the best cinnamon rolls you ever had. I'm telling you. You ain't never going to go to the bakery and buy them again. You just going to make them at home all by yourself. What's in there? Oh yeah. We going to save this icing, alright? We have this icing we going to save right here for later. Alright. Next step, you're going to get yourself some heavy whipping cream, alright? So what we going to do here we're just going to pour this right on top of our cinnamon rolls just right on top a nice layer and I don't know if I told you yet but you make sure that you grease your pan and you know what I use butter not that spray stuff I like real butter especially for this recipe alright so we just going to make sure you want to make sure that the the heavy whipping cream is about halfway up the biscuits the the cinnamon rolls I call em biscuits sorry that's what we say in the south so that's good that looks like a good amount so our next step here I'm just going to move this over a little bit I have a stick of melted butter alright so you want to make sure it's melted and then I have about 3/ 4 of a cup of brown sugar we just going to put this into our butter then I also have some ground cinnamon I know you think I'm crazy these are already cinnamon rolls but you know what little bit more cinnamon never hurt anybody alright and then my secret ingredient I have this fancy salt here we just going to take a little scoop of this and right in I'm telling you it makes it taste so much better so now all we going to do here, we going to mix this up. We want to make sure we have this brown sugar and this butter mixture. Remember, a little bit of salt. We have a little bit of cinnamon in here too. Get all those chunks out. Oops, I'm splashing this everywhere. Alright. So, this is looking perfect. This is looking so good. So now, what all we going to do here We're going to bring this back in. We going to take our mixture. Alright, we're going to take our nice, thick mixture here and we just going to drizzle this all on the top like so. Alright, so remember we have our cinnamon rolls. I just bought the cheap ones because they going to taste so good. We have our cinnamon rolls. We have our heavy whipping cream and then we have our brown sugar and butter mixture with a little bit of salt. I'm telling you, salt, you gotta add the salt and you make sure you get all that goodness out. Alright. So, all we going to do here, we going to take a piece of foil and we going to wrap this up real tight, okay? We're going to wrap this all the way around. We're going to pop this in oven at 350 for about 45 minutes and you going to have the best cinnamon rolls you ever had in your life. Here we go. So I already have some butter at the bottom of my bacon dish. And all we going to do here. This is so great. We just going to unroll this dough. Oops like that. That's fine if it breaks apart. Put one here. We're going to put the rest here like this. Wait, is that the right way? I think it is. Alright. So, this is going to be basically the crust. I'm about to show y'all the best dessert hack y'all ever going to see, alright? So, two cans of crescent dough. One goes right on the bottom. Next, we have a can of cherry pie filling, alright? And y'all can use whatever kind you like. I just, cherry is my favorite but you can use whatever you'd like. Alright, make sure you get all that good stuff out. It's all this delicious goodness. Just going to spread this out like so. Oh, this is looking so good already and it's so easy y'all. Y'all are going to love this dessert, okay? So next, we're going to take some cream cheese and I just cut it up into these little squares, alright? And you can see here, this is almost a whole, a whole eight-ounce package but a little bit less. So, I just like to use whatever leftovers I have in my fridge before I open something new but I think this is plenty. So, we just going to spread squares out like so. All around on top of our cherries and you know, this is also real good with strawberries y'all but I I just I have the cherries at home so that's what I'm going to use today. Alright. This is great. This is getting a little sticky here but that's alright. You know what? It's going to be worth it. Sticky hands are going to be worth it. Alright, y'all. So, we have our cream cheese and our cherries. So, next, we're going to take a little bit of graham cracker crumbs and we just going to sprinkle this right on top of our cherry and cream cheese mixture, okay? Y'all know what I'm making here. I'm making a dessert hack. So far, we got cream cheese and graham cracker crumbs. Y'all have to know what I'm making. Y'all have to know and then we also going to put a little bit of powdered sugar just right on top of the graham crackers, okay? So, this this dessert hack here. Let me get this out. Come on. Come on sugar. We don't need a lot. Oh, there we go. That's a big chunk. Oh, yeah. We definitely don't need that much y'all. Okay, I'm going to pick this up. There we go and just kind of sprinkle it around like that. Oh, this is looking beautiful. So beautiful. Alright, I think that's plenty. So now y'all we going to do here take our second can of Crescento and we're going to open this up we're going to try and open it up man sometimes this be giving me a hard time Okay, here we go. I think I got it. Alright, y'all. So, this is my dessert hack of cheesecake. It's the simplest, most delicious, easy cheesecake y'all are ever going to have and all you need is a few ingredients. You don't gotta mix anything. You just make it all right in your pan, okay? And that's why I love this dish. Alright, so now we have our last can of crescent dough here and another secret y'all. If y'all are cooking with this crescent dough, I always put it in the freezer for just a few minutes before I use it just so it's not too soft. So, you can just roll this can right on top like so, alright? So, we're going to make sure this all fits in the pan. We're going to crimp all the edges down, crimp em all together, push em down like so. Y'all, I'm so excited about this. It's such a good cheesecake hack. Y'all are going to love this. Alright. So, our last step here, all we going to do is a little egg wash right on top. So, I have this egg. I just beat up together and we're just going to brush some egg right on top of our crescent dough, alright y'all? Just like this. It's going to help it get nice and crispy and golden brown. You know how those fancy pastries look when you go to the bakery. This is what they do y'all. That's all you gotta do. A little bit of egg right on top of your dough and it's going to have that nice, crispy crust. It's going to look real pretty too and y'all know we eat with our eyes just as much as we eat with our mouth. So, we want to make sure our food looks pretty and taste good. Both are equally important y'all. Alright. So, all we going to do is put this in the oven at three for about 15 minutes and y'all going to have an amazing cheesecake. Alright, y'all. I'm just cutting my biscuits here with fours. So, we're going to put em in this plastic bag. This is one of my favorite desserts to make. Just going to make sure they all separated, alright? And I like using these biscuits. The flaky layers. They work best for this dessert. This is really one of my go-to recipes. Alright. So once you have your biscuits all separated. We going to add a little bit of sugar. We got a half a cup of sugar right here. We're going to pour this in the bag. And then we also going to add about a teaspoon of cinnamon. I just eyeball that. Maybe a little bit more. I really like cinnamon. So we're going to open up our second can of biscuits. So I have a fan gathering. So I'm going to use two cans, alright? So I'm going to open this up and we're going to cut these in four as well. So we'll just get these out whatever way you can. Alright. Then we're just going to cut these all in four pieces. However you gotta do it. Sometimes I use my kitchen scissors which is real easy. Alright. And you know what? You can even make you can even double this recipe if you need. But I'm just going to use two cans. I think that's plenty for what I need. So now we just going to separate the rest of these. And we're going to put them in our bag here with our sugar and our cinnamon, alright? It's very important. But I love making this dessert because it only has a few ingredients. It's super easy. And you know what? Everyone loves it because it just tastes so good. So we're going to peel these up. Oh right. Then what we going to do here, we're going to close our bag. And close it here and we're going to mix this up, alright? We're going to make sure all of our biscuit pieces get coated with this sugar and cinnamon just like so. So, whatever way you gotta do this to make sure they all coated, that's what you do. I just do that. I just throw it around a few times. Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. Alright, and then once you see that these pieces are all nicely coated here with our cinnamon and sugar. We have our next step, alright? So, we have our our little bundt pan but this is like a bunt silicone pan and if y'all don't have one of these, I highly suggest it because nothing sticks. Nothing sticks. It's real easy to use. So, we just going to pour all of our biscuit pieces right on in this pan. Alright, you know what? I'm just going to use my hand for the rest because I'm I'm starting to make a mess over here. So, we're just going to put all these pieces in our in our little bunt pan and if there's any big pieces, you gotta rip em apart, that's okay. You can do this now. Just like so. Alright. Now, we're almost done here. This is so easy. So, our next step here, I'm going to move this to the side. I have a little bit of melted butter, half cup of melted butter. To that, we are going to add three quarters of a cup of packed brown sugar, alright? We're just going to pour that right in. Then, we're going to mix this up and if your butter's melted, this will mix up real nice. Nice and easy. You. Alright. Beautiful. So now, we have my secret ingredient, alright? And this is going to sound a little weird to some of y'all but I'm telling you this makes this dessert so good and creamy. So, this is some whipped ricotta. It's whole milk ricotta, okay? And this is great in desserts. It adds just a real nice creamy texture. So, I just eyeball it. I'll add about that much. We'll see. I'm just going to mix this up. So, again here, I just have butter, half a cup of melted butter. I have brown sugar, three fourths of a cup. And then I have some ricotta. I probably added about I don't know about a third of a cup here. But again that's totally up to you how much you like to add. Alright? So now this is nice and incorporated. All we going to do here we going to take our little bundt pan. And we're just going to pour this mixture all over our biscuits. Alright? Just like so. Nice and even. Beautiful. Oh I'm so excited. This dessert is so good. It's one of my favorites. My family loves it. All my friends love it. Little do they know. They think I make this from scratch. Huh. Little do they know it's so easy to whip up just a few ingredients and some biscuits. And that's it. That's it. So now all we going to do here we're going to put this in the oven at 350 for about 35 minutes. Alright? And then you going to love this. It's going to be so good. Alright, y'all. So, I just have this pre-made sugar cookie dough in these little little balls. I I really like using this and all I do here for this recipe, I just open it up and I'm just going to put it like that on the bottom of my baking dish and then you just peel this off, alright? So, these sugar cookies will rise a little bit while they're cooking. So, I do like to separate them a little bit like so. Oops, okay and actually, I think I think this one package is going to be just good. I have another one open here just in case but I'm thinking that is good because on the directions it says they need to be two inches apart if you're just making the cookies but we're just using them as a bottom layer for a delicious dessert that you are going to love I'm telling you it's a crowd favorite here at my house Country Cindy loves this recipe alright so once you have your little your little dough balls nice and separated we're going to take a can of strawberry pie filling alright this is going to be so good so we just going to dump this right on top of our sugar cookie hauls. Alright and you want to make sure you get all that goodness out of the can all that gel stuff it's real good it's real good get that all out alright once you got all that we just want to spread this out nicely Perfect. Right on top of those cookie balls. Oh, this is so good. I'm so excited. This looks so pretty already. Alright. So now, what we going to do, we have a few more layers here. It's going to be just delicious. So, I have here some graham cracker crumbs. We just going to do a little sprinkle sprinkle right on top of these strawberries, alright? Just a little layer. Oh, this looks so good already. Y'all know what I'm making here. You have any idea where I'm going with this? Oh, that looks so good. Alright. After those graham cracker crumbs. Our next layer here, we have one stick of cream cheese, 8 ounces. I put it in the microwave so it got a little soft. Now, I'm going to take a quarter cup of powdered sugar, alright? I'm just going to mix this right up and you know what? If it's a little bit thick, you can add a little bit of whole milk. So, I'm just going to put a little bit in here but that was probably like one or two tablespoons. There we go. I'm just going to mix this up so it's nice and incorporated. Oh, perfect. Look at that. Alright, want to get all these chunks out and you know what if it's a bit liquidy, that's alright. For this dessert, I'm going to pour a little bit more milk. There we go. So yeah, I'd say about eight ounces of cream cheese, a quarter cup of powdered sugar, and then about two tablespoons of milk. Now, the milk is optional because you could just glob it on but if you want it to kind of pour a little bit nicer, I like adding the milk and you just give it a nice little mix here even if it's a little bit chunky, that's totally fine. Now, we're going to take our beautiful cream cheese powdered sugar mixture and we just going to nicely spread this around. I'm going to move my pan over a little bit. Alright. So, we're just going to put these gloves all around our dessert. Um this will, it's going to spread out while it's bacon. So, don't don't have to be perfect. It's all going in the same place. It's going to taste real good. I'm going to make that one a little bit bigger. Gonna get all this goodness out. Alright and you know what? When in doubt, I just lay it right in the middle because it's going to spread out from there anyways. I'm going to get it all it. And then you know what you could spread it out a little bit Oh yeah, that's looking real nice. Oh my goodness. It smells so good. I am so excited. You know what? This is one of my favorite desserts. You know what y'all? All my desserts I make are my favorite. I just love cooking and I love showing y'all my favorite recipes. Alright, last step here. We're going to take a little bit more of these graham cracker crumbs and we're just going to do another layer right on top, alright? Oh my goodness. This is going to be so good. So again, we have our sugar cookie dough. We got our canned strawberry pie filling, graham cracker crumbs and then our cream cheese mix with our powdered sugar. So, all we going to do here, we're going to bake this at the directions on the sugar cookie box because that's all that needs to cook. So, we're doing about 17 minutes at 350 and I'm so excited to show you one of my favorite desserts. Alright, I took this out of the oven a few minutes ago. So, we going to take the foil off and see what our amazing cinnamon rolls look like. Look at that. Alright, while it's still warm, we just got one more step. So, remember we have our our little icing packets. We just going to cut the tip off. I'm actually going to get the other one too. We're going to do em both at the same time. I'm just going to squeeze this out. Oh, that looks so good. All this icing. Gonna use it all. And it's still warm so it's going to melt right away. Alright, we're going to use the other one. Alright. You know what? I am ready for a cinnamon roll. This is the best cinnamon roll hack. You're never going to have to buy em at a bakery again. You just buy those cheap ones at the store. Follow this recipe. Time to dig in. Oh, I don't know which one I should take. Maybe one right in the middle. Oh, they're so soft. Oh my goodness. Look at this. Wow. That is so beautiful. I'm just going to put this on my plate. Remember, all we did, we took the cheap cinnamon roll from the can. We poured heavy whipping cream, some brown sugar, a little bit of cinnamon, and butter. Oh, they're so soft. I'm going to have a bite of this right now. This is so good. Alright, y'all. Here we have our amazing cheesecake hack. The quickest, easiest, most delicious cheesecake y'all are ever going to have. So, you know what? I'm hungry. It's time to cut into this baby. So, remember, we just used two cans of crescent dough is the crust. One on the bottom, one on the top and I grease the pan with butter to start, okay? Inside, we have canned cherries. We have cream cheese, some graham cracker crumbs, and a little bit of powder sugar. Now remember I didn't mix the ingredients. I just kind of poured them all in there. So it's really really easy and it's delicious. And I'm telling y'all your your friends and family are going to love this. It's something I always make. You see that cherry, that cream cheese. I make it for family gatherings, for the block party, for everything because it's just so good. People always say they love my cheesecake. Little do they know it's so fast and it's so easy. So I'm just going to cut out right on into this. Mmm We got a little bit of this cream cheese. This is going to be so good y'all. I'm so excited to eat this. Here we go. Hot. Y'all this is so good. Alright, y'all. Look at this. We cooked this for 40 minutes, alright? So, this looks beautiful but now, we gotta get it out of here. So, we're going to take this plate here and all I'm going to do, I'm going to flip this upside down. Alright, y'all ready for this? I'm so excited. This is homemade monkey bread and this is one of my friends and family's favorite favorite desserts. Alright. Y'all I'm so excited. Oh my goodness. Look at that. Oh, we got all that delicious ooey gooey goodness. Look at that. You know what? I need to try this. This looks so good. I might outdone myself here. You know, sometimes I make these recipes and they turn out okay but this one, this one looks real good. Oh my goodness. Look how perfectly these are cooked. This going to be real hot but I don't care. I need to take a bite. I need to take a bite right now. Uh This is so good. Alright, y'all. This is looking so good. Remember, we took our sugar cookies and we put those on the bottom. We put strawberry pie filling, our cream cheese mixture, and graham cracker crumbs. This looks so good. I am real really really excited to try this. Oh my goodness. Whoo. I'm I'm I'm just I'm just so excited. I don't know why I put my knife down. See I can't even think straight because I am so excited for this dessert. Cuz I just have a feeling it's going to be like one of the best things ever. Alright. Now, we just going to scoop some of this out right here. Oh my goodness. Look at this. Oh, it's going to fall. I gotta put it right on my plate. Well, it looks it it looks prettier in this pan but this is this is looking real good. I'm going to turn this around so you can see it better but we have all of our layers. We have our cream cheese layer. We have our sugar cookie on the bottom. This smells so good. I wish I could send a smell through this phone because I think you would love it. Alright, I'm going to get a little bit of all this. Cream cheese, the sugar cookie. I am so excited.
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