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I had to delete it because it wasn't showing the full eye look 😩 Here we go again 🙊✨💚💛 Glitter Icing sugar Brows Ka-Brow gel &a ready,set, brow gel Shadow Holly Jolly palettes Lashes Rosemary Highlight 80 watt Yellow liner Citreuse

Death’s entrance was pretty cool but what about Cas’

Second* best entrance ,have you ever seen castiel's? Death had his song, the white Cadillac and just casually killed a guy who bumped into him. Death wins this round

#makeup #makeuplover  (credits to the artist)

#makeup #makeuplover (credits to the artist)

It's practically canon!! I'm going to go ahead and accept this as canon.

Though I doubt this is real it would have made that amazing scene even better. I do hope Destiel becomes canon.please>>>> no it's true Misha Collins talked about it at a panel once.

The thing is I bet Misha was actually thinking to the times when he was homeless when he was a child, and that’s how he has such a realistic look in his eyes.

Reminder that Misha and his family was homeless for most of his childhood <-----WHY MUST YOU REMIND ME! Now I'm even sadder because the part of when he was homeless must remind him of when he was a kid.

Supernateral/Harry Potter. The boys as DATDA teachers. Perfect!! Sup.

I love it, but defense against the dark arts teachers only stay 1 year of course…<<< they can take turns plus they're are more spn characters that can take over after they've done their time!