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Daniel Løvås Fredriksen

Daniel Løvås Fredriksen
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This is beautiful. Manga is amazing too... that ending though... #tokyoghoul

black sclera eyepatch hair over one eye hood hood down hoodie kagune (tokyo ghoul) kaneki ken looking at viewer mask red eyes short hair solo tokyo ghoul white hair - Image View -

Tokyo Gouhl: Kaneki Ken

kaneki aaa is it bad that I rlly liked the torture scenes in tokyo ghoul - ladies watches sale, mens tag watches, metal watches for mens *ad

Can you become?

Kaneki Ken great role model<-- I actually agree. He used to be sweet and innocent, but now he's much more experienced and actually, perfect.

Tokyo Ghoul:re 86: Kaneki - The One-Eyed King by AR-UA on DeviantArt

This is by far for me my favourite version of Ken-Kaneki The One Eyed King for obvious reasons the looks and style which I find cool. by AR-UA on DeviantArt