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Peaceful warm colours of beige-yellow (gray yellow) palette: from pinkish-cream to chocolate hue these are indispensable companions of welfare, benevolence, a sign of go.

forest tones

Forest Tones

Living room: forest tones [a little darker brown coloring, and lighter khaki type color -- perhaps throw in a desert orange as well .

fox palette

Photo about Wild red fox from national park Jacques Cartier Quebec Canada - 9994272

color palette

"Bird Song" Finding colors that compliment the darker brown is a big help to me. I like this shade.

chilled tones

Color Wander

chilled tones - the blush with deep blue and grey is really catching my eye

Lennon's Room

Audrey Jeanne Vtwonen European paint colors J. Crew The appearance of coral and gray upon the color scene has been subtle, but it’s there. Coral and gray sightings started with a French illus…