Storytime Song

I originally came across this wonderful chant at I was browsing through different librarian wiki's when I first got hired. I wanted to get some ideas on library management with the little ones who seemed so wiggly! I tho...

25 Fun Fingerplay Ideas for Playful Preschoolers - Mom Loves Best

Preschool fingerplay songs and stories help children develop gross & fine motor skills, improve memory, and gain social skills. Best of all, they are FUN!

'Hello Hello!' by Super Simple Songs

'Hello Hello!' by Super Simple Songs - Lyrics in English and in French

Download the words of the song : Hello, hello.Can you clap your hands? Hello, hello.Can you clap your hands? Can you stretch up high? Can you touch your toes? Can you turn around? Can you say, “Hello”? hello hello super simple songs lyrics

Using Songs in Your Classroom

Kids love music! I try to find ways to incorporate it throughout our school day. It is such an amazing learning tool. My Songs for the Year packet is the perfect tool for any primary classroom. I love using songs during our school day! Kids LOVE to sing. They sing with abandon, and they do not care who is listening. I, on the other hand, cannot carry a tune to save my life! You will NEVER catch me doing karaoke. Thankfully, 1st graders don't judge, and I can get away with singing to…

8 Songs to Begin the School Day

8 catchy songs to begin a school day. These songs, chants, and rhymes are a great way to build community in the classroom and fun way to start the day.

Using Call Backs After Spring Break (FREEBIE!)

FREE Call Backs and attention getters for the kindergarten classroom! Great classroom management tool!