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The tutorial of the greenhouse ! 🏡

🍪🌳🏡 #minecraft #minecraftbuilding #minecraftaesthetic #creativemode #foryou #fyp #cottagecore #hometour #blisschen

minecraft cottagecore 🌿 (@blisschen_) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. | 🍪🌳🏡 #minecraft #minecraftbuilding #minecraftaesthetic #creativemode #foryou #fyp #cottagecore #hometour #blisschen

Made an improvement. Btw do you remember the dirt house 🤣

Minecraft community on reddit.

Using stairs for detailed windows and opened gates for the roof

A subreddit dedicated to the smaller details.

First Colonial House | WoK | Minecraft Map

This is my first colonial house. This was done on the World of Keralis server. I built this a long time ago but felt that I should share it with you...

Minecraft Aesthetic

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nax on Twitter

“三鷹の森ジブリ美術館、もう一度行きたいなぁ…夢のような空間だったよ( ˶´⚰︎`˵ ) 再現度は全然高くないけど、このポストカードとてもお気に入り。そして、クリーパーかわいい。笑 #Mizunos16craft #Minecraft #三鷹の森ジブリ美術館”

Blocky Bonsai

“Time for a medieval farmhouse! Hopefully this will be the beginning of a village project :+) - tutorial ”

Wheat & Beet

a calm cottage life at last


“sunroom ”

Zee Kat =^.^=

❀ S P R I N G T I M E S A K U R A ❀ I finally managed to add all the mods and shaders etc. I’ve ever dreamed of into my MC and… It’s so pretty I wanna die? Should I make a Mineblr? Generally I just...

Luxury Mansion - Minecraft House Design

The builder jar9 Hi.Here is a build i did to add another mansion to my list of builds. Mansion has the rooms made but no furniture. Texture pack used:Flows HD Renders:Chuncky

Small aesthetic kitchen