This is what I'm thinking about kinda...but I'm not sure how to avoid the fro.

Weird short punk hairstyles are usually a failure of making a new style. This is one of the best haircut if you like to have shot hair. punk haircuts for women

If I were to cut my hair short...this would be a fun idea.

Amazing aqua teal turquoise blue tips, streaks and highlights beneath a black fringed short angled pageboy modern hairstyle.

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Short Spiky Punky Crop With Purple Pink And Red Hair Color Design Pixel

2009 Fall Short Hairstyles With Bangs

it's about time for some more purple in my hair.i cannot stand the same ol' thing i love change and me and tab love my hair long and short and we DK what to do.and i have to say i loved the purple before!

Highlight the front. exactly how i used to do my hair!

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