Favorite Dog Photographers

Great dog photos from some of my favorite dog photographers
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a dog sitting on the back of a boat
Why You Should Take Professional Pictures Of Your Dog - Daily Dog Tag
life of a boat dog, ©️️️Alice G Patterson Photography | lifestyle dog photographer #boatdog #dogphotography
a small white dog sitting on top of a pink chair next to a stuffed animal
Simple Grain Free Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats - Daily Dog Tag
small white dog and cute toy mouse on pink chair, Maltese, dogs on furniture ©️Alice G Patterson Photography #Maltese #lifestyledogphotographer #Syracusedogphotography
a bride and groom pose on a scooter with their dog in front of a building
Best Dog: Gus - Daily Dog Tag
Cutest after wedding getaway vehicle: Orange Vespa, bride, groom and wedding dog ©️️️️️ Orange Girl creative wedding photos,vespa #weddingdog #dogsatweddings
a gold dog figurine sitting on top of a desk next to some books
Desk Accessories for dog lovers
©️Alice G Patterson Photography | dog lover desk accessories, #ad,
a dog is sitting in the middle of some red flowers and smiling for the camera
Happy Tails: Gizmo and Harrison - Daily Dog Tag
©️️ Kira DeDecker Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Handsome-Happy-Corgi #Corgi #petphotography
a small black dog sitting on top of a green couch
Happy Tails: Lily and Tia - Daily Dog Tag
black Maltipoo with white face on green sofa, ©️Jessica Cobb Photography
many different pictures of dogs in black and white
And The Nominees Are .... Part 2
Most Dynamic Duo Nominees | Daily Dog Tag, Dog BFFs #dogphotographer #petportraits
a brown dog sitting on top of a sandy beach
Spotlight: Spencer the Goldendoodle at Myrtle Beach - Daily Dog Tag
Handsome Goldendoodle at the beach, dog photography ideas #Beachdogs creative dog portraits, lifestyle Syracuse pet photographer, Myrtle Beach
a man is holding a small dog wearing a red bow tie with pink polka dots
Happy Tails: Edward and Gwen - Daily Dog Tag
senior-Pug-wearing-bowtie, ©️Chocolate Moose Images #Pug #fashionhound #dogphotography
a dog is sitting in a basket with balloons
Best (Wedding) Dogs: Coco's and Truffles' Dog Wedding - Daily Dog Tag
cute dogs in hot air balloon, wedding dogs #weddingdog ©️Stacia Morgan Photography
a black and white photo of a dog wrapped in a towel sitting on the floor
Happy Tails: Andy and Mona - Daily Dog Tag
©️️Emilee Miller Photography, black-white-profile-Shar-pei #Sharpei #studiodogphotography
a painting of a dachshund wearing a hat and bow tie on a brick wall
Doxie Wedding: Chelsea & Hudson
Doxie in Fedora painting,
a dog is standing in the bathtub with flowers all over it's floor
Puppy Love: Floral Bath for a Golden Retriever Pup - Daily Dog Tag
Photographer Alyssa Lynne Poland hopped on the floral bath for babies with a twist, she gave her adorable Golden Retriever puppy the floral bath.
a husky dog with blue eyes looking up at the camera while standing on some rocks
Puppy Love: Hilo the Siberian Husky Pup - Daily Dog Tag
adorable Siberian Husky, one brown eye, one blue eye ©️Nunn Other Photography
a man and woman standing next to a white dog in front of a large tree
Engaging Tails: Champ the English Labrador Retriever
engaged couple wrapped in blanket, English Lab sitting in front of them