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A quick and popular gift item, these easy knit boot cuffs are knit in the round. Using these easy tutorials, You'll wonder why you didn't try long ago!

With the Thermal Boot Cuffs you get a quick and easy knit boot cuff pattern you& love returning to again and again. Learn how to knit boot cuffs to not only keep out the winter chill but also give you a fashionable knit to top off your boots.

detox water I know that a detox water of water is good for clearing acne marks, but I don't like how it taste. I hope these can help in the same way.

Please don't drink 'fruitwater' or sobe life water or any of those faux-healthy drinks. if you want a change from plain water, it's so easy to make your own Fruit Infused Water! and sooo good for you - just like they have at the spa :)