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Traditional babywearing photo: The Babysitters of Yokohama in Japan -- Hand Tinted Geisha, Japanese History, Japanese Culture, We Are The World, People Of The World, Yokohama, Old Photos, Vintage Photos, Japanese Outfits


I recently posted two stereoviews showing this image as it was hand-tinted and published in JAPAN and AMERICA. www.flickr.com/photos/24443965@N08/3863530071/ The above shows the same picture as a full, uncropped half-stereoview, published in 1922 by the talented BRITS ! However, the caption (which I normally would have cropped off) is so, uhhhhh, illustriously British, that I have included it under the photo as originally printed. It is possible that Enami delivered already-tinted images for…

That notation says Acrobatic Performers", but I am sure that it used to say Antique Photos, Vintage Photos, Old Pictures, Old Photos, Japanese Lifestyle, Fundoshi, Maurice, Vintage Circus, Fairy Land

Stairway To Fairyland

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The Tattooed Geisha Japanese Photography, Old Photography, Yokohama, Yakuza Girl, Make Love, Samurai, Japan Tattoo, Japan Photo, Irezumi

Tattooed japanese woman from Meiji period

Tattooed woman with a sake bottle, ca. 1860s

日々雑感: 福岡アーカイブ

日々雑感: 福岡アーカイブ

Geisha wth O-mikuji O-mikuji are random fortunes written on strips f paper at Shinto shrines & Buddhist temples Japanese Kimono, Japanese Art, Japanese Clothing, Traditional Japanese, Geisha Samurai, Vintage Photographs, Vintage Photos, Kimono Vintage, Japon Tokyo

O-mikuji or Sacred Lots 1910s

O-mikuji (おみくじ) is a form of divination that relies on random chance. Traditionally, a small box with a slot in one end is shaken until a bamboo stick falls out. The stick has a number that corresponds to a slip of paper on which the fortune is revealed.

永井 荷風:なんだか変人作家らしい。昔な文学興味ないのだけど、俄然興味出る写真。 Japanese Geisha, Japanese Beauty, Vintage Japanese, Japanese Girl, Vintage Pictures, Old Pictures, Old Photos, Japanese History, Japanese Culture

永井 荷風:なんだか変人作家らしい。昔な文学興味ないのだけど、俄然興味出る写真。

Tattoos on Japanese Men & Women Shoko Tendo, the daughter of Yakuza boss Hiroyasu TendoShoko Tendo, the daughter of Yakuza boss Hiroyasu Tendo Japanese Tatoo, Japanese Men, Traditional Japanese, Asian Tattoos, Weird Tattoos, Tatoos, Full Body Tattoo, Body Art Tattoos, Tattoo Art

Yakuza Tattoos on Japanese Men & Women

Japanese gangsters, or "Yakuza", display colorful tattoos as part of a longstanding underworld tradition. Their wives, mistresses and girlfriends often sport similar body art, often intricately detailed and breathtakingly beautiful.

Karuwaza and "kyokugei" have the same meaning in Japanese, but in the modern age, karuwaza was used mainly for tight-rope walkers. They moved lightly, and performed acrobatics. In they also performed abroad and gained popularity. Japanese History, Japanese Culture, Creepy Old Photos, Fundoshi, Japan Photo, Vintage Circus, Japan Art, Japanese Design, Vintage Japanese

過酷な明治時代の食事は、一日玄米四合、漬物、味噌汁だけだった : 哲学ニュースnwk

1: 茶トラ(秋田県):2012/10/22(月) 20:10:38.68 ID:IEEQkSYM0このほど公開したレポート「文学に見る、明治期日本の質素な『食』事情」では、宮沢賢治の「雨ニモマケズ」を取り上げ、明治時代の日本の食生活を紹介。 この文中に登場する「一日に玄米四合と味噌と少しの野

This mother sharing her tea break with her tot. 27 Historical Women Who DGAF About Breastfeeding In Public

Awa Kenzo Zen and kyudo (archery) master who gained worldwide renown after the publication of Eugen Herrigel's cult classic "Zen in the Art of Archery" in ~ Mik's Pics "Japan ll" board Kendo, Karate, Japanese Warrior, Art Japonais, Samurai Warrior, Disney Marvel, Aikido, Japan Art, Japanese Culture

Train like a samurai: Ten Arrows | Breach Bang Clear

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. Imperfect practice makes rehearsed. You’ve heard a lot of advice on different