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Your Future Language Will Need No Words - Kabbalah Blog

The higher force doesn’t listen to words, but only responds to what is in our heart. Mutual bestowal doesn’t require a language or any form of communication. Why do we need words if we are one body? Does my hand talk to my leg? The information simply flows between them. This is also how we …

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Humanity is One Integrated Body, we are The World and we are his Children!!

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If you can't explain it simply.... - OprechteMediums

Regelmatig kom ik het tegen. Mensen die tegen elkaar staan te praten. Ik sta erbij en ik kijk ernaar. Persoonlijk hou ik van een pragmatische aanpak, gefundeerd met de nodige theoretische kennis. Ik ben een sucker voor theoretische kennis. Theorie zorgt er immers voor dat zaken geen los zand zijn, worden of blijven. Theorie zie ik als een mooie lijm die de inhoud verbindt tot een overzichtelijk geheel. Maar buiten dat ben ik ook een sucker voor Jip en Janneke taal; simpel, doeltreffend en…

Humanity is interconnected like parts of one integrated system, but human senses do not let people recognize this connection. Learning Process, Fun Learning, Kabbalah Quotes, My Silence, Spiritual Quotes, Writing A Book, Connection, Spirituality, Inspirational Quotes

Spiritual Sight Reveals We Are One - Above Time and Space - Kabbalah Blog

Humanity is interconnected like parts of one integrated system, but human senses do not let people recognize this connection. We strive to change ourselves and start sensing a new life, a new dimension within our corrected desires. To reach this revelation, we need to correct our desires and obtain spiritual “sight.” After it occurs, his …

“This world” in Kabbalah means the state where our desires aim only at my personal benefit Kabbalah Quotes, Wednesday Wisdom, Spiritual Awakening, Interesting Facts, Good To Know, Get Started, Quote Of The Day, Quotations, Fun Facts

Who am I? What is the purpose of life? True spirituality by Kabbalah

Get all essential answers about life and spirituality – Who am I? what is life? how to find yourself spiritually, and many more

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How To Step Out Of Illusion And Into True Reality - Kabbalah Blog

The world’s true state will be revealed when we become similar to the integral nature. How do we find the true world, the true image where we really dwell, and not this nature that we supposedly feel ourselves in now? To do this we must study and engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah. Kabbalah translates …

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What Is the Meaning of Life? - KabNET

What is the purpose of life? What happens after this life? Who gives me life? Why? Who do I live for? Who controls me? Am I really alive? The meaning of life is to know the meaning of life. The meaning of life is to know why we live. The meaning of life is to rise above life so that I know why I live.

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