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Let's Make a Holland Duffle Bag
The best-selling Holland Pouch has now been upsized into a quilted duffle pattern! The Holland Duffle has the same ease of construction as the Holland Pouch (no bias binding or curved seams!), but includes two outer pockets (one slip pocket and one zippered pocket) and sturdy handles for toting around.
two orange purses sitting on top of a white table next to each other with the words diy written above them
How to make wire frame bag
Let's Make a Holland Duffle Bag
a woman's hand on top of paper with the words how do i copy a pattern from a garment already have?
How To: Copy A Pattern From A Garment You Already Have | Turning Your Clothes Into Sewing Patterns
the inside and outside view of a bag
Percival Laptop Briefcase Bag pattern - Sew Modern Bags
an image of two different purses with buttons on the front and back, one in plaid
Brancaster Messenger Bag sewing pattern - Sew Modern Bags
two pictures of the same purse with different straps and zippers on each one side
The Kaitlin Crossbody Purse pattern (with video) - Sew Modern Bags
a red and white tote bag sitting on top of a counter next to bread
Market Bag Tutorial
four keychains with different designs on them hanging from the side of a wall
Handbag Strap Key Fob Tutorial
the key fob is made out of fabric
Scrap Key Fob Tutorial
the zipper tote bag sewing pattern is shown
DIY Recessed Zipper Tote Bag
the diy tote bag sewing pattern is shown
DIY Divided Tote Bag