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Caio Broflovski
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Gelbooru- Image View - 1girl 2boys :d aladdin (magi) ali baba saluja barefoot blonde hair blue eyes blue hair book braid earrings holding indian style jewelry light particles long hair magi the labyrinth of magic morgiana multiple boys open mouth paper red eyes red hair rella side ponytail single braid sitting smile staff turban yellow eyes | 1724806

Alibaba Saluja, Morgiana & Aladdin (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic) aka my new favorite show

Amazing Jellyfish

Jellyfish Art (also known as jellies and sea jellies) are boneless animals that float freely through the world's oceans.

Zermatt - Switzerland

The beauty is unreal here. Dusk, Zermatt, Switzerland~ Zermatt is in the German-speaking section of the canton of Valais in Switzerland. Zermatt is famed as a mountaineering and ski resort of the Swiss Alps.