Tasty Tamarindo identity

Off to a slow start but Tasty Tamarindo identity, packaging, branding joins the 500 club curated by Packaging Diva PD

Fabrica—tion | Joshua Olsthoorn

Color overlay Fabrica—tion / Joshua Olsthoorn- interesting for portfolio. Maybe green is green vellum inserts?



"Creteleon is a Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced on the island of Crete. It is the "child" of a family with passion and love for olive oil for more than four generations, with an emphasis on quality and the organic process.

Cover love

// Greatest Book Covers - Twisted szefa old books Love this King Penguin book cover "A Book of Ducks" lubalin


Could be interesting to apply this design approach to various types of insurance information and send as a reference to studios, agencies, etc. Much like the stumptown how to brew coffee books.

Martino Group | Studio Hi Ho

New Brand Identity for Martino Group by Studio Hi Ho - BP&O

Packaging design for Martino Group designed by Studio Hi Ho. Color contrast of black and white.

Bee Raw Honey

Bee raw honey - packaging loveliness, can you imagine doing the test tubes with flavoured simple syrups like ginger, lavender, etc.

Rosita, a fictitious brand of rose water. Designed by JOAM

Concepts We Wish Were Real

Rosita is a fictitious brand of rose water. Designed by JOAM== The R is merge with a rose to create the logo for "Rosita" and it is repeated into a pattern on some of the packaging which makes the brand more memorable and speak what the brand is about.