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an open book with stamps and a fountain pen
Experimental travel to Istanbul. I didn't know the destination one hour before of catching the airplane 🙈 I didn't have the ticket either. Try it if you want to land in a random place with a high level of adrenaline (and stress). Result of experiment: Excellent🎈 To be repeated. Next time with no luggage, just the clothes on.
an open book on a wooden table with a pen and eraser next to it
This Artist Keeps the Most Beautiful Sketchbooks I Have Ever Seen
two knitted socks sitting on top of a wooden table next to leaves and acorns
Squirrel socks pattern by Renarde Endormie
a person is holding a pen and looking at a book with stamps on the pages
Spanish Artist Transforms Travel Experiences Into Breathtaking Illustrated Journals.
an open notebook with stamps and pens on it
José Naranja (@jose_naranja) / X
a woman is holding an object in her hands
Field of Sunflowers sock set pattern by Stone Knits
Ravelry: Field of Sunflowers sock set pattern by Stone Knits