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could be snapchat. but im sure its jackson being jackson

so I was waiting on this to load and said "those three.have got the sexiest little love triangle.and it's all because of *pointed at Jackson* you." and then the gif played him opening his mouth. i just died.

-No sabes quien soy.  -Lo sé bien,  se que tienes una doble vida Jimi… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

One of the prettiest parts in this mv, no joke << completely agree. Jimin looks so innocent and beautiful it's unreal <--- not even Jimin biased and I agree.

Gifs, Army, Scene, Bts Bangtan Boys, Pop

#wattpad #fanfic Pareja principal: Yoonmin Secundarias: Namjin y vhope.  En el top de fanfic desde 111016 He cambiado de usuario, eso significa que las historias siguen siendo completamente mías.

❛ Gosh watch how Taehyungie transform from a cutie innocent boy to a FUCKING HOT MAN in second this kills me gosh ❜

✧˖(≧ㅅ≦):♡~γσᴜ αяε ʍγ σиℓγ sᴜиsʜιиε;σиε αи∂ σиℓγ ιи ᴛнε ᴡσяℓ∂~♡:ʕ•ܫ•ʔ˖✧

C'mere lemme help >>> C'mon Tae, just take your top off and tell us!