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The Secret Decorating Resource You've Probably Overlooked

We bet you've never thought to go shopping for home decor here!

this is such a cheerful mudroom that adds both beauty and function from the patterned rug to the pale aqua built ins

Make the Most of Your Mudroom and Entryway

Turn an under-utilized entry area into a super-functional mudroom with these ideas for efficient storage and organization.

In Good Taste: Brooks and Falotico Architects - Design Chic

When it comes to good taste, Brooks and Falotico have it all wrapped up. Their drool-worthy designs are our obsession today. We hope you enjoy them too! Wow! Is there really anything else to say? We just love black doors. All of these are simply gorgeous! We love how this kitchen seems both new and […]


How to Create a Country-Style Potting Room

Simple lines, hardworking surfaces, and natural textures combine in a functional space with a warm, earthy style. Here's how you can approximate it at your house

~Laundry Room Reveal~

I'm going to start this post by saying that in NO way is this how my Laundry Room looks on a daily basis, but rather me sharing with you what a finished, clean and picked up room looks like in our home. I hope you enjoy the tour. xoxo K. When we built our home we didn't have the cabinet guy put anything in our Laundry room specifically because we had salvaged these cabinets from a friend of my husbands who had an old house on his property and they were going to burn down. We scored some…

Image result for wire gazebo no background

Image result for wire gazebo no background

pallet idea

Trending: Pallets in Home Decor

I'm bringing one of these home from work. Why? I'm jumping on the bandwagon with the latest home decor trend that I keep seeing: shipping pallets. I am seeing these everywhere on Pinterest with so many great, creative ideas. As a coffee table, via repurposed into a headboard, via build a daybed, via and miscellaneous storage solutions. via via This trend is everywhere! I'm fortunate that my workplace has a warehouse and a warehouse manager who is totally cool with me taking a pallet or two…