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Ideas and inspiration for container gardening. Flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs that you can grow in containers.
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Collage of upcycled and recycled planter fillers for large pots.
Upcycled Pot Fillers for Large Planters (Perfect for Container Gardening!)
Here's how to use budget-friendly reused materials to help your potted plants stand tall! We're sharing the best upcycled and recycled big planter fillers for large pots to place at the bottom of your planters for gorgeous arrangements. Whether you're using real or faux flowers and foliage, these ideas are perfect for summer planters on your patio, porch, deck, or balcony!
Collage of the easiest vegetables to grow in pots. Flowers, Herbs, Outdoor, Easy, Beginners, Growing, Perfect Garden, Garden, Pot
Easy Potted Vegetable Garden for Beginners (The Best Vegetables to Grow in Pots!)
Dive into container gardening with ease by exploring the easiest vegetables to grow in pots! Whether you have shade or full sun, learn how to grow vegetables in pots on your patio, indoors, or outdoors. Perfect for beginners eager to start their gardening adventure.
Container plants for full sun. Sun Plants, Plants, Cool Plants, Flower Garden, Flower Pots, Amazing Flowers, Front Porch Flowers, Spring Garden, Full Sun Flowers
Easy Container Plants for Full Sun and Heat (Perennials!)
Elevate your front porch, patio, or sunroom with the best container plants for full sun and heat! Whether for your indoor oasis or outdoor haven, explore our selection of heat-tolerant perennials perfect for spring gardens.
Collage of planter fillers using recycled and repurposed items. Recycling, Create, Large, Upcycle, Make It Yourself, Spring
Upcycled Planter Fillers for Large Planters (Perfect for Spring!)
Want to create stunning planters this spring? Use these easy fillers for large planters to help your potted plants pop and stand tall. We're sharing the best items to recycle and repurpose to make your gardening projects the best on the block. These are the best gardening tips and tricks for outdoor spring patio planters or indoor potted plants for the sunroom!
Collage of container plants for full sun and heat.
Full Sun Container Plants for Spring
Bring life to your front porch or backyard patio with our selection of container plants for full sun and heat. Dive into the beauty of spring flowers and plants, featuring hanging plants, potted plants, and various container plants to create a blooming spring garden.
Collage of vegetables to grow in pots for a spring garden. Fruit Trees, Gardening Supplies, Sprouts
Best Vegetables to Grow In Pots for Your Spring Garden
Dive into container gardening for beginners with our guide to the best garden vegetables to grow in pots. Whether you have a backyard patio, deck, or porch, explore the possibilities of cultivating vegetables in buckets, containers, and pots for a thriving spring garden.
DIY spring container gardening tips for beginners.
Beginner DIY Container Gardening Tips for Spring
Explore easy DIY container gardening tips to create your dream spring garden. Whether you're a gardening beginner or looking for tips for container gardening, discover the perfect veggie garden layout for a flourishing and beautiful outdoor space.
Fall container gardening tips. Diy, Container Gardening, Gardening, Fall Container Plants, Garden Seeds, Growing Vegetables In Containers, Planting Herbs, Garden Soil
Gardening Tips for Fall Container Plants
Elevate your gardening game with our essential DIY container gardening tips. Discover the secrets to creating stunning fall container plants that thrive in both full sun and shade. Get ready to embrace the beauty of the fall garden with an array of vibrant plants and vegetables that'll add a touch of nature's magic to your space.
How to grow calibrachoa and calibrachoa care tips.
The Best Calibrachoa Care Tips (for Beginners!)
Upgrade your fall garden with the mesmerizing beauty of calibrachoa! Explore expert tips on how to grow and care for these delightful flowers in hanging baskets, window boxes, and container pots, adding a splash of autumn hues to your outdoor space. #FallFoliage #CalibrachoaCare #GardenInspiration
DIY container gardening tips. Herb Garden, Beautiful Gardens, Plant Food, Fresh Vegetables, Growing Herbs, Herb Seeds
DIY Container Garden Tips and Tricks for Summer 2023
Create a stunning summer garden with these helpful tips for container gardening! Whether you have a patio, balcony, or limited outdoor space, our tips and tricks will show you how to create a beautiful garden using raised beds, hanging baskets, and other types of containers. Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting out, our container gardening tips are perfect for making the most out of your small outdoor space this summer!
The best vegetables to grow in pots. Easy Garden
Best Vegetables to Grow in Pots (13 Ideas!)
Check out this ultimate list of The Easiest Garden Vegetables to Grow in Pots! You'll find ideas for in the shade, on the patio, or for a container garden. Don't miss these easy gardening ideas for spring!
a potted plant with purple flowers and green leaves on the side, labeled in words
How to choose plants for patio pots - Gardening Tips & Advice UK
Calibrachoa Growing Tips
red flowers with the title how to grow calibrachoa
How to Grow Calibrachoa
Calibrachoa, or million bells, is a stunning flower that will add infinite blooms all summer. These come in a huge variety of colors and look amazing as container plants and hanging baskets.
flowers in a pot with the words what to use for large planter fillers
8 Easy Fillers for Large Planters | Create and Find
Large planters can be expensive to fill with soil. Consider these options for large planter fillers to save money on your container gardening. Add these materials to the bottom of your planters before adding soil. This makes it easier and cheaper to fill your planters.