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a brick fireplace being installed in a living room
How to Mortar Wash a Brick Fireplace || Brick Fireplace Makeover || Mortar Wash Tutorial || Dimples and Tangles
a bathroom with brick walls and flooring is pictured in this image, there are two sinks on either side of the bathtub
Exposed Brick Wall - Modern Eclectic Bungalow Style
Exposed Brick Wall - Modern Bungalow Style
a kitchen with black cabinets and white counter tops, gold hardware on the bottom cabinet
Intentional Styling + My Thoughts on The Perfect Home - The House of Silver Lining
industrial modern bar with brick wall black cabinets
the before and after pictures of a dresser
IKEA Dresser to TV Stand Transformation
IKEA Dresser to TV Stand
a woman in white sweater and jeans holding a handbag next to a brick wall
German Schmear: the Ultimate DIY Guide (with Video)
How to do a german smear or "mortar wash" DIY brick whitewash on your brick fireplace or other brick surfaces. This DIY project is inexpensive & easy to do!
a hallway with white walls and flooring next to a table in front of a window
COCOCOZY Interior Design Blog
interior painted brick
a blue dresser with gold handles in front of a brick wall and potted plant
Dresser Transformed with Amy Howard’s One Step Paint. The old dresser was cleaned with Krud Kutter and sanded. Amy’s paint colors Black and Atelier were mixed together then thinned with water for the consistency would work for spraying. It dries very fast! The top coat sprayed on is General Finishes Flat Out Flat (The Woodcraft store guys said it’s flatter than the “matte” finish of other polycrylics). Rub ‘n Buff was used on the hardware. Feb 2016.
an ornate white bed frame with black and white wallpaper
She painted right over the original wood finish with OLD WHITE, then layered PARIS GREY over that. She used CLEAR WAX and distressed it. Allowing the OLD WHITE and the wood finish beneath it all to peak through. She then sealed it with a little more CLEAR WAX, followed by the DARK WAX.