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four different pictures showing how to make a chandelier from plastic bottles and glass beads
plastic bottle crafts mano mano the handy mano manomano DIY chandelier
How to Make a Glass Garland
Accessorize your space with a glittering glass garland.
Acrylic Pyramid
This simple painting technique yields colorful results with DIY charm! Watch how to get crafty with your wall art, here.
two men are playing in an inflatable pool with a rubber ducky toy
9.5 Million People Have Watched This NASA Engineer Turn Solid Sand Into “Liquid Soup.”
Mark Rober is a mechanical engineer who worked at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for nearly a decade, so it’s pretty safe to say this guy’s both creative and mechanically adept. Since leaving the JPL, he’s become a YouTube personality with more than 2.5 million subscribers, producing an eclectic series of videos with topics ranging from science to DIY projects.
three origami stars on a gray background with the title diy 3d paper stars
an image of a fake banana made out of book pages and rolled up with paper
How To Make A Wreath With Paper Book Pages
Betty Susanne : How To Make A Wreath With Paper Book Pages
paper dahlia wreath made out of rolled up papers
DIY Wedding Ideas: 10 Perfect Ways to Use Paper for Weddings - Blog
paper dahlia wreath diy wedding ideas
three different types of toilet paper scrolls sitting on top of a piece of paper
Toilet Paper Rolls to Faux Metal Wall Art-so cute but might take a good two hours
a metal owl with leaves on it's face in a circular shape, hanging from the wall
We could totally do this with toilet paper rolls! We'll have to fight the bunnies for them, though. ;)