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the logo for human rights, with an orange heart on it's left side
NON PROFIT by Andreas Karl Vienna • KARL DESIGN Marken für Morgen Wien • Andreas Karl Grafik Designer • Logos & Brands • Firmenzeichen & Symbole • Trademarks & Logodesign • Naming & Corporate Design
the letter c is made up of green and white letters
CODG – Centro Odontológico Dayanne Gabrielle
CODG – Centro Odontológico Dayanne Gabrielle by Diogo Gabriel | Dribbble
three blue circles in the shape of an occupant on a white background
Search | LogoLounge Logo Design Inspiration and Logo Design Competition
People logo design by Hristijan Eftimov Design, selected for LogoLounge Book 11. #logos #logo #people #loops #shapes #branding #design
an image of some sort of object that is in the middle of a circle with circles around it
Logo grid
Logo grid positive direction circle curve grid education people minimal logo
10 eye-catching logo animations you’ll wish you made
Have you ever watched paint dry? No? I didn’t think so. How about watched a turtle crossing the road? Probably not. Maybe spent an hour standing in line at the post office? Well that’s pretty likely…
Are you looking for a Special logo to elevate your brand ? Look No further!
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three different logos with question marks on them, one is blue and the other has red
Cohesif Brand Identity Design
Cohesif Brand Identity Design on Behance
the logo for igloo is shown next to an image of circles on a white and blue background
Igloo 🧊
Igloo 🧊 by Dennis Pasyuk
the word guga is surrounded by colorful shapes on a pink background with blue and yellow colors
Guga - Artfully playful toys Logotype Wordmark Branding
Guga - Artfully playful toys Logotype Wordmark Branding by Matis Branding
the logo for clientdesk is shown in blue and purple colors on a white background
C for client logo concept | CRM software (sold)
C for client logo concept | CRM software (unused) for sale graph friendly care caring sale marketing analytics upgrade support management negative space circle chart stats sales people app chat human person man c monogram mark
the logo for consulting company consultity, which has been designed to look like an eye
consultly logo concept pt.1 | online consulting platform
consultly logo concept pt.1 | online consulting platform by Vadim Carazan for Carazan Brands on Dribbble
the logo for group b is shown in white on a blue background with black letters
IB Group
IB Group type logotype logo lettering illustration identity design branding b ıb monogram
an image of the word oriona on a dark background with blue and white circles
Oriona - Branding