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I'd like a set of wooden Ionic columns like these, carved and placed in our farm house.perhaps to separate the living and dining areas.

This shows progressive rhythm through the use of a repeating element that goes away from our perspective.

(REPETITION) I love architectural photography that shows repetitive patterns with perspective or distorted space. Wish the photographer had cropped/framed this image just a little more to have the light meet the top left corner.

This Ivy House

Outside the Panthéon {Portico of the Panthéon} - neoclassical - originally built as a church to St Genevieve, to fulfill a vow made by Louis XV on recovery from an illness. The architect was Jacques-Gabriel Soufflot (July

Reminiscent of an ancient Greek architectural design, the Georgetown Storage Mirror brings together classic design elements, grand scale and a relaxed rustic finish to create an impassioned marriage of casual opulence.

This doorframe is the design I would emulate to create my scenic stage picture. It would go right in the middle of the stage behind the altar but before the cyclorama