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Graphics exploring the chemical compounds in different foods.

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The Chemistry of Mangoes

The Chemistry of Mangos: What Do They Have in Common with Poison Ivy?

The mango is a classic summer fruit, but for some it can bring out a rash when they handle or eat it. This irritation is not unique to mangos – in fact, there’s some surprising chemistry in c…

Canada Day – Maple Syrup

Canada Day – The Chemistry of Maple Syrup

Happy Canada Day to all of our Canadian readers! To celebrate, here’s a brief look at some of the different chemicals in maple syrup.

The Chemistry of Bell Peppers

The Chemistry of Bell Peppers – Colour and Aroma

Bell peppers come in a range of hues, from fresh greens to vibrant reds. Chemical pigments are behind these, but what changes to cause peppers to travel through this spectrum of colours? Here we ta…

The Chemistry of Cherries 2016

The Chemistry of Cherries

It’s cherry season in the UK, and the cherry trees are currently heaving under the weight of both sweet and sour cherries. Here we take a look at the chemical differences between the two, and…

Blackberry Chemistry

The Chemistry of Blackberry Colour

With blackberry season approaching, here’s a quick graphic looking at blackberry colour chemistry. Posts have been a bit few and far between over the last week or so as I was off at ACS Phila…

The Chemistry of Popcorn

What Makes Popcorn Pop? – The Chemistry of Popcorn

Today (19th January) is apparently National Popcorn Day, so what better time to look at the chemistry behind it? This graphic takes a brief look at some of the compounds that give popcorn its flavo…

The Chemistry of Wild Garlic

The Chemistry of Wild Garlic

Spring is in the air, and it’s likely that, in your local forest, so too is the distinctive scent of wild garlic. Also known as ‘ramsons’ or ‘bear’s garlic’, green carpets of wild garlic swell in t…

The Chemistry of Plums & Prunes

The Chemistry of Plums & Prunes: Constipation & Chewing Gum

Dried plums, more commonly referred to as prunes, have a reputation for being a good remedy for constipation. This is, in part, due to their high fibre content – but is there actually any proof for…

A Guide to Different Types of Fat

A Guide to the Different Types of Fat

Fat is an important nutrient in our diets, but there’s a lot of talk of different types of fats, and whether these types are beneficial or harmful to our health. These different fat classifications…

Food Chemistry – The Chemistry of Blackcurrants

Blackcurrants & Cat Urine – The Chemistry of Blackcurrants

Blackcurrants and cat urine. Two things you probably wouldn’t expect to have a whole lot in common, if anything. However, to some, blackcurrants and blackcurrant bushes can have a distinct smell of…

Ice Cream Chemistry

The Chemistry of Ice Cream – Components, Structure, & Flavour

Ice cream is a mainstay of summer – for many, a trip to the beach would be incomplete without one. Despite its seeming simplicity, ice cream is a prime example of some fairly complex chemistry. Thi…

The Chemistry of Watermelons

The Chemistry of Watermelons: Colour, Aroma, & Explosions

Watermelons are a popular, refreshing summer fruit. There’s also a lot of intriguing chemistry behind them, from the colour of their flesh and the complexity of their aroma, to the tales of explodi…

Food Chemistry - The Maillard Reaction

Food Chemistry – The Maillard Reaction

There’s one chemical reaction that, whether you have an interest in chemistry or not, we all carry out on a regular, maybe even daily, basis. That reaction? The Maillard Reaction. This is a p…

Chemical Structures of Vitamins

The Chemical Structures of Vitamins

Vitamins are an important part of our diet, but you probably haven’t given a great deal of thought to their chemical structures. This graphic shows chemical structures for all 13 vitamins; th…