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four different types of soaps with labels and numbers on the top, one is made from
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a bottle of perfume next to a box
Luxus Design Möbel an Mode Herbsttrends 2017 inspiriert
three jars with labels on them sitting next to each other
clueo // graphic
womenofgraphicdesign: thedsgnblog: "Razors and shaving creams use highly gendered visual language. By the look of the product, you will know which razor is marketed towards women and which towards men. My project takes away the gendered design from the razors and shaving gels. Like the razors, shaving gels have highly gendered design, although the purpose is usually the same; to make the skin smooth. The project focuses more on the function by giving the option to choose the blade and ...
two bottles of soap sitting on top of a white table next to each other,
Concepts We Wish Were Real - DIELINE
several black bottles with white labels on them and one has a pump in the middle
Suchergebnis auf für: Tommy Hilfiger
Friday Five: Dee & Ricky x Chanel, M Lab, Tumi Townhouse 'Tennyson', Scissor Art and Tommy Hilfiger 'Loud'... - Ape to Gentleman
three bottles of different sizes and colors on a white surface, with one yellow carton in the middle
an image of the inside of a display case
Student Spotlight: Death By Chocolate
Death by chocolate packaging just for you and curated by Packaging Diva PD : )
several different types of books stacked on top of each other in various colors and shapes
Structural Packaging Design: 3 Tangram Packs
astrobrights paper tea packaging design series
the packaging design is designed to look like it has an interesting pattern and color scheme
More of my upcoming project. Brand Identity and packaging design for DEAR DAME. More stuff soon. #packagingdesign #skincarebranded…
three different views of various business cards and envelopes with black and white designs on them
Uzuri – Classic and Seasonal Makeup Collections
an array of different colored lines are shown in this image, with the same colors on them
Zada Food Supplements / Medicine Packaging
pink and white boxes are stacked on top of each other
VRAi body fragrance packaging concept - cherry blossom scent.
an instagramted photo with the word whistle on it and some white boxes in front
Inspiration | Whistles
PROMOTION - If you buy the collection it will be packed in a unique packaging made just for the collection
an array of different shades of lipstick on a white background
Makeup, Skincare, Fragrance, Hair & Beauty Products | Sephora
Derek Lam 10 Crosby Fragrance packaging
an image of a person holding something in their hand with the word haven on it
Adobe Portfolio
Daring, fresh and irreverent are some of the words that define this new watch e-commerce brand. As a digitally native vertical brand with a contemporary feel, its visual identity called for a fresh, playful and digital-first approach that escapes the rigidness of pre-established brands in the watch sector.
a bottle of water with a tag on it's side and a white background
Account Suspended
Snowdonia Distillery - Conwy
three pieces of paper with the words mani - feste futura written on them
Learn Logo Design | LogoCore
some bottles are next to each other with labels on them and the bottle is brown
Simple Equine - DIELINE
Horses enjoy getting pampered almost as much as we do and Simple Equine has no trouble fulfilling those needs.
an assortment of black and white bottles are shown
rboris products due to their natural origin have a small shelf life. We proposed using a special ink in the design of the labels. The ink begins to fade when the cream loses its freshness. I NEED THIS!!
several black containers are stacked on top of each other
ILA | Essentials for a beautiful home - now available on Kickstarter
two candles sitting on top of each other next to some boxes with fruit in them
Top Shelf Beauty | The Window
The Most Gorgeous Top-Shelf-Worthy Beauty Packaging
three tubes of lip balm sitting on top of a blue and pink background
Kiyoko | Small-batch lip balm #skincare #smallbatch #packaging #menagerie
a tube of pink toothpaste sitting on top of a white counter next to a mirror
four different types of deodorant stick on a marble counter top with the same product in each one
City By City: 15 Berlin Born Brands
Ace Skin Care (Student Project) on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery Organic Skin Care, Skin Care Packaging, Beauty Care, Beauty Skin Care, Coffee Facial
Ace Skin Care (Student Project)
Ace Skin Care (Student Project) on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery
a bottle of alcohol sitting on top of a box next to an open carton
15 Best Acid Cleansers to Add Your Skin Care Routine
AHA: Krave Beauty Kale-Lalu-yAHA
many different colored business cards on top of each other with the letter o above them
Adobe, Cars, Apple, Industrial Design, PANTONE, KFC, Amazon, Netflix
Artisan Chocolate’s Ultra-Minimalist Packaging Features Striking Color Blocks
three white boxes are stacked on top of each other, with the same box in front
black and white business cards sitting on top of each other next to a cell phone
「仕事を頼みたい」と思わせる名刺ビジネスカード・コレクション1000+第3部 | co-jin
Black Umbrella Design Card
three different types of skin care products are shown in this graphic style, including creams and sunscreens
Fjordaks - Branding & Packaging
Fjordaks / Fjordlaks is a salmon farming's company / Agnese Pagliarini
the word nomad is written in black and white
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Daily Design Inspiration
the word kitchen written in black on a white background
Start A Fire
Identity for animation studio The Kitchen designed by Sawdust.
the letter x is painted with black paint
x marks the spot
the word ita written in white on a black background
Cleaver Logo Design . Graphic . Anti . Branding . Minimal Logotype . Sans Serif
four boxes of different shapes and sizes on a shelf with white background, in front of a wall
Hallingers Tea & Coffee Packaging - DIELINE
two boxes with black dots on them sitting next to each other in front of a white background
Packaging, Package Design, Boutiques, Cider, and Packages image inspiration on Designspiration
Packaging / Kyrey The Dieline