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15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee - The Oatmeal  must remember this when I want to order something other than a straight cup or need a coffee factoid

15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee - The Oatmeal

It all started with some dancing goats.

How to Use Your Favorite Coffee Beans to Flavor Your Baked Goods - from Cupcake Project

Coffee Desserts - Four Easy Ways to Make Coffee-flavored Desserts

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10 minutes

Use the coffee- infused butter or milk in place of plain butter or milk to flavor your baked goods.

Halloween Coffee Can Craft

Easy Halloween Craft for Kids

I just thought I would share an easy idea for a Halloween craft for kids. If you are a room mom for your child’s class and they are going to have a Halloween party you might be looking for …

Coffee filter candy baskets

Coffee Filter Flower Baskets

Here's another beautiful craft for coffee filters - flower baskets for holding treats! Directions are at The Crafts Dept.

Lasso: The indigenous women of Colombia have used Sisal for generations to make woven sacks for coffee beans.

Material Solutions

Lasso: The indigenous women of Colombia have used Sisal for generations to make woven sacks for coffee beans.

A sweet aroma

A sweet aroma

Fall is here with sun catchers and coffee filtered butterflies

Summer Crafts for Kids 101

These dog days remind us of countless summers spent at camp making crafts to bring home and display around the house or yard. While we're no longer whiling awa…

Coffee shop crafts to keep kids occupied!

Coffee Shop Crafts

Quick! Go get Mom and Dad because they're going to love this series of crafts too. These six Coffee Shop Crafts use materials that you can find in any coffee shop to make preschool crafts, games for boys, recycled crafts, and more.

Beautiful coffee filter pumpkin for the fall

Coffee Filter Pumpkins

Coffee filter pumpkins are an easy fall and Halloween craft using coffee filters, ink, craft paper, and fiberfill.

Coffee Bean-Decorated Candles

Coffee Bean-Decorated Candles

We made these sweet candles with coffee beans and glue to give to family and friends over the holidays, but we also used them to celebrat...

Spare a bean for a cool craft idea!


I seen a similar idea somewhere here on blospot, but I can't remember where. I usually bookmark crafts that I like, but I guess I forgot. If...

Stained glass pumpkins - great idea for Halloween!

Coffee Filter 'Stained Glass' Pumpkins - I Can Teach My Child!

Big Brother and I made these cute stained glass pumpkins yesterday and they are now gracing our presence above the kitchen sink. We really enjoyed making