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the diagram shows how to measure each seat
Commercial Chairs & Restaurant Furniture | Restaurant Chairs and Barstools
Always be prepared for any e party indoor or out. Here is a helpful guide to table and seating capacity for any occasion.
three different views of the outside of a house with wood sidings and glass windows
A New Home Of Stone And Wood Arrives On The Island Of Guernsey
The first floor of this modern house is clad in cedar, and large windows fill the interior of the home with natural light. #Architecture #ModernHouse #Cedar
the floor plan for a house with two car garages and an open living area
Floor Plan Friday: U-shaped 5 bedroom family home
Oooo this is a goodie today. A big house, but still a really good plan. I love a u-shaped house… I always imagine a pool and outdoor area fit for a king in all of that enclosed space. I wouldn’t need to change anything in this house. It’s got a formal lounge, theatre room plus an …
three different views of the house from above and below, including an outdoor swimming pool
SAVA / Original Vision
SAVA by Original Vision
there are many different pictures of the same building and it looks like they have been built
Elise Franck
an old victorian house with two floors and three stories, the second floor has four windows
House plans
House plan complete
the first floor and second floor plan for a house with three floors, two story
Three Story Home Plan D0324
Mediteranean House Plan D0324
three different views of a house on the water with boats in front and behind it
Forget Luxury High-Rises, This Floating Hotel Lets You Stay in Catamaran Apartments
This new Floating Hotel with Catamaran Apartments aims at promoting low-impact tourism on inland waters. Consisting of small, floating catamarans, the floating hotel is a perfect solution for tourism without harming the natural environment.
four different shots of the inside of a building with snow on the ground and windows
Winter cottage, Sirdalen Valley, Norway - The Cool Hunter Journal
Winter cottage, Sirdalen Valley, Norway
a house on the cliff overlooking the ocean at night with its lights on and windows open
Clifftop house on Great Ocean Road | Habitus Living
This house on Victoria’s famous Great Ocean Road is not content simply to observe the drama of the ocean. Stephen Crafti discovers that, from its clifftop