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a green sink sitting next to a red car
Sink of my Dreams
I can barely speak! This is easily one of my favorite finds... I just brought her home, and I'm now the proud owner of a gorgeous original...
two green and white wall sconces on a black background, one has a light bulb attached to it
*vintage bungalow green porcelain wall sconces |
Made in the 20s or 30s as an accent for the bathroom or kitchen where their may have been the same color sink, tub, or tilework on the walls or floor. This color is getting rarer and rarer to find.
a green sink with two faucets on it
Architectural Salvage, Reclamation Yard & Antiques
a blue and white box filled with plates and cups
Vintage & Antique Toy Kitchen Sets for sale | eBay
Vintage 1960'sToy Corning Ware kid's cookware, new in package #CorningWare
a little baby doll laying on its side wearing a diaper and green bow tie
colorful floral plates and cups on a wooden table
pottery floral plate
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to a wall and floor
DIY repurposed bar stools - wrapped two levels with twine hot glued at start and finish, then spray painted and added plants.