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strawberry shortcakes with white icing and strawberries on the top are shown
Strawberry Shortcake Cookies
These Strawberry Shortcake Cookies are buttery, biscuit-like cookies packed with chunks of fresh strawberries and topped with a sweet glaze. reminiscent of the classic strawberry shortcake dessert, but in a cookie!
some waffles on a cooling rack with peanut butter and jelly in the middle
Martha Bakes: Stroopwafels | Often sold as street snacks in Holland, stroopwafels come from the same town famous for Gouda cheese. They're a decadent treat made from two waffle... | By Martha Stewart | Often sold as street snacks in Holland, Stroopwafels come from the same town that's famous for its gouda cheese. Now, each stroopwafels baker has its own specially guarded secret combination of ingredients and usually passed down from family lines from generation to generation. Bakers also have their own special baking irons. As a result, Stroopwafels have varying tastes, varying shapes, and various signs. This is a non-stick electric waffle cone maker. And when you open this up you can see and this one's already heated. Just a very plain geometric square design. This one's plain. There are others that are more offensive. And it should stay locked until you're ready to use it and then unlock, open, lock when it's full. So first your dry ingredients. 1 and 1/ 4 cups of all-purpose flour. One quarter and one cup. Some salt. Quarter of a teaspoon. After the salt, just whisk the dry ingredients together so there are no lumps and it's good as sifted. Let that stay right here and then, you're going to whisk two eggs, two large eggs room temperature. Whisk those until frothy. And add 3/ 4 of a cup of granulated sugar and you can whisk as you add the sugar. What you're really making is almost the Crepto pancake dough but for this show, we're considering it a cookie dough. A/ 4 of a cup. So look how pretty that is. Gold and yellow. Now add a half a teaspoon just a half a teaspoon of lemon extract. And 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract. And now a third of a cup of melted cooled butter. And now you can add your dry ingredients. Early recipes leftovers and bakery crumbs were used to bake cookies sweetened with syrup. They were called Poorman's cookies because they were very cheap to produce. So the batter is quite dense and to get it on to the waffle maker. I'm just going to add this to a pastry bag. Fitted with a half inch round tip. So now this does not have to be buttered or anything. Just a two inch circle. Of batter right in the middle. Lock it shut. And it cooks in a minute and a half. That's just about long enough till it's a nice golden brown. And have a little offset spatula. A cutting board and a three and a half inch biscuit cutter ready. What a beautiful waffle. So take this and place it on your board. Immediately get another droop waffle on the waffle iron. And while this is still quite hot cut it with your biscuit cutter. Now these are the scraps that can make the poor man's cookies. But there you'll have a perfect round waffle cookie. Now doesn't that look nice? Now you wonder how the bakeries get them so perfectly round. Biscuit cutter. This batch of batter will make 18 cookies this. Nine complete with the filling of caramel. So the cookies are all done. Look how beautiful they are. And now to make the caramel filling always use a heavy gauged pan and turn your burner onto high. A/ 4 of a cup of water. A tablespoon of light corn syrup and one cup of granulated sugar. Bring this to a boil. And by not introducing any other a spoon or spatula you can minimize the amount of crystallization that takes place. You can also use a brush like this with water and just go around right above the syrup itself to prevent any crystallization. You can even cover like that. That'll create some steam on the top and then it'll fold down the sides of the pan and also prevent crystallization. Either way is effective. Now have one tablespoon of butter, the scraped seeds of one vanilla bean, 1/ 4 of a teaspoon of salt, and a third of a cup of heavy cream. I think dark enough, add your heavy cream slowly. You don't want it to erupt. Your tablespoon of unsalted butter. The cream and the butter stops the cooking. And your vanilla seeds. Stir them in and put it right into a bowl Look at that beautiful caramel. Just the right color and if you want to cool this off quickly, ice water will be very effective. So, the caramel is sufficiently cooled and we're ready to use the caramel as the filling for our stroopwafels. Put caramel on every other half of stroopwafels. This will spread. We just place the other half right on top and proceed with the rest of your stroopwafels. These will be a big hit at any dinner party. Lots of fun, don't you think? I do.
a stack of waffles with syrup being drizzled over them and the words crispy and chewy stroopwafels on top
Traditional Dutch Stroopwafels Recipe | Wanderzest
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cheesecake candies with chocolate chips in them on a white plate and text overlay reads cheesecake canapes in pizze shells
Pizzelles with Cheesecake Cannoli Filling - All Tarted Up
Pizzelles with Cheesecake Cannoli Filling - All Tarted Up
a woman standing next to a stack of waffles
Martha's Stroopwafels
Martha's Stroopwafels
Sooo…. I think it’s time to be a wee bit different.  I love a good sugar cookies, and those addictive thumbprint PB things that everyone makes around this time of year? Oy my waistline.… Celebration, Décor, Cannoli Shells, Homemade Holiday, Pizzelle, Homemade, Things That, Holiday
Homemade Holidays: Pizzelle Cannoli Shells.
Sooo…. I think it’s time to be a wee bit different. I love a good sugar cookies, and those addictive thumbprint PB things that everyone makes around this time of year? Oy my waistline.…
a pile of cookies sitting on top of a white plate next to sliced oranges
homemade waffle cones with the words homemade waffle cones
Homemade Waffle Cones
chocolate cookies stacked on top of each other with the words no - bake is minute thin mints
No-Bake 15 Minute Thin Mints
No-Bake 15 Minute Thin Mints: Make your own Thin Mint cookies at home in just 15 minutes!
a person is holding a waffle sandwich in their hand
Easy Stroopwafles | Step by Step Instructions
I'm showing you how to make Stroopwafles today and OMG they are amazing! Two buttery waffle-style cookies filled with gooey caramel. Perfect with a cup of coffee or to satisfy a sweet-tooth craving. They're easy to make and totally impressive! #cookieandcups #cookierecipe #stroopwafles
chocolate stroopwaffles are stacked on top of each other and being held by two hands
Chocolate Stroopwafels
some waffles are stacked on top of each other and the words easy step - by - step waffles
Easy Stroopwafles | Step by Step Instructions
several waffle cups are lined up on a tray
Pizzelle Dessert Cups Recipe -
chocolate covered pretzel bites are arranged in the shape of waffles on top of each other
Cookie Dough Pretzel Bites