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an old book cover with a cat sitting on the window sill in front of it
"Elephi - The Cat With The High High IQ" by Jean Stafford, illustrated by Erik Blegvad, A Dell Yearling Book, 1966 (
an illustrated book cover for william bake's inn
A Visit to William Blake's Inn
the cover of lost country life by dorothy hartley, with an image of sheep
LOST COUNTRY LIFE by Dorothy Hartley: A masterpiece of historical research and delightfully readable to boot, 'Lost Country Life' takes us back to the Middle Ages to show us how medieval country people washed, ate, dressed, cooked, made their clothes, and many other activities. My favorite history book. Crafters, back-to-landers, historic re-enactors, survivalists, and writers of medieval fiction will find much to inspire them here.
an old book with an owl on it's cover and the title in english
Meadowland by John Lewis-Stempel
the book cover for raining cats and donkeys by doreen toley with three kittens
the borrowrowers 'aved by mary northon, illustrated by elizabeth joseph
The Borrowers Avenged
the book rabbit stew and a penny or two by maggie smith - bendell
Gypsies: An Indian Prince, And Two men And A Rat!