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an illustration of a woman walking her dog down the street at night with a lamp post
an image of a group of people walking in the rain with umbrellas and signs
livingnowisliving: NeatoKeen saved to Mad for Mid Century...
an advertisement for the london group showing people looking in refrigerators
a painting of a woman in yellow sitting on a chair with an umbrella over her head
Vogue Cover - Georges Lepape - February 1 1922
an old fashion magazine cover shows a woman holding a fan in her hand and looking at the mirror
Art Deco lady 2
Karen Lavender's art and craft blog
an advertisement for swiss air in the middle east, with a camel on it's back
Fritz Bühler Illustration | Poster for Swissair. From Gebrau…
by Fritz Bühler
an airplane flying over a brick wall with the words fly iceland on it's side