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Christoffer Nilsen

Christoffer Nilsen
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FRESHOP // Kapsoola // Tel Aviv, Israel //

FRESHOP is a juice bar chain with stands located mainly in shopping malls. It offers a wide range of fruit juices, smoothies, yogurts and other healthy treats. With the incentive of keeping Freshop a leading player in their field, we decided that a compl…

But display whole fruit in a chilling unit and allow customers to pick and choose. They may also choose nuts or seeds along with protein powder

Knowing how to juice wheatgrass takes the carrot cake. Wheatgrass is the top shelf of healthy juices, but more often than not it becomes something you can only get in good smoothies when you head out to a smoothie bar after the gym.

Jump Studios dresses Soho juice bar with industrial fittings and tiled herringbone floor

The Juice Well, a new premium cold-pressed juice bar, has recently opened on PeterSt in Soho.A joint venture between Joe Cross (of ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’ fame), andrestauranteur Will Ricker (the man behind E&O and La Bodega.

Orchard on Long 211 Long Street / City Centre Mo-Fr 9-17h / Sa 9-15h

Orchard on Long 211 Long Street / City Centre Mo-Fr / Sa juice bar, fresh fruits, great display idea, retail, cafe bar