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a woman with long hair wearing a flower crown on her head and colorful streamers in her hair
How To Make a Vibrant Floral Head Crown | Bespoke-Bride: Wedding Blog
A UK wedding blog covering real weddings with high quality wedding photography, Wedding Diy's and Wedding planning advice. Learn how to make a Vibrant Hair Garland with Interflora.
an assortment of plastic mannequins are shown in black and white
Replacement parts for Monster High big sister body type - articulated
I love the big sister Monster High body, and they are pretty rare too. So I got my hands on one such doll with a broken hip and scanned her! The parts are cleaned and functional. The upper arms and upper legs should be connected through the torso with elastics, like first wave MH dolls or bjd. I used the regular peg for the elbow and wrist, as factory dolls can use hands from all 3 body types. I used the CAM peg for the knee. Since the lower leg can't be disassembled, I can't know how the
a wreath with white flowers and greenery on the ground