Scrapbook - borders/embellishments

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four cards with flowers on them sitting on top of a doily next to lace
a close up of a card with buttons and flowers on it's front cover
homemade flower Tag
some tags with flowers on them and the words journal tags
Easy Striped Journal Tags (Tutorial)
an altered book page with flowers on it
Mixed Media....would be awesome for first days of school and have it hanging in the class for the whole school year!!
the word welcome with hearts and stars hanging from it's sides, on a white background
Sweet Zen Dangles
Sweet Zen Dangles
the process of making paper flowers is shown
Passion - Sexy Personals for Passionate Singles
DIY Flower
an abstract floral background with wavy lines and flowers on the bottom, in pastel colors
an image of a bunch of flowers on a white and purple background with the words happy birthday
CH.B *✿*