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a black and brown dog holding a cell phone to its ear with the words glass wallpaper on it
a poster with an image of a cube in the middle and text that reads,'future
. . . ★ on Twitter
. . . ★ on Twitter: "#jhope: nation’s main dancer & living legend… "
two faces with yellow paint on them behind torn up pieces of paper that have been cut in half
the back side of a red car with advertisements on it
a close up of a person with red eyes
an advertisement for the new york theatre company's production of kiss on the cheek
the album cover for grab the wheel
Grab The Wheel
red trees in front of a building with the words fols written on it's side
Foals - Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost (part.1) | Recensione - TomTomRock
an album cover with a woman sitting on a window sill