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Christel Markussen

Christel Markussen
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Glenn #Danzig + Henry #Rollins + #KITTENS = Funny.

Glenn Danzig, Henry Rollins, and kittehs! The ‘Henry & Glenn Forever’ Art Show Deepens Our Love of Rock Bromance

Chris Hemsworth. and you is it lust when you're just admiring God's handi work?

As the big screen version of the Marvel superhero Thor, bulked-up Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth is believable as someone who can deflect bullets with his hammer.

Hugh Jackman - probably one of the most versatile and gifted actors in Hollywood. (Les Miserable)

Hugh Jackman: dude is improving with age. 2013 ~~~ Bearded neck Richard Armitage actor is Thorin in Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey Movie , Richard Armitage reminds me of actor Hugh Jackman from The Wolverine Movies in some photos a little,