Beautiful fingerless mitts! I think the buttons really make it. I love the muted colors, too, and the fuzziness of the cream yarn.

Elf clobber pattern by schnuddel

fingerless mitts (knit and crochet combo) - FREE pattern from Ravelry .one day when I know how to knit and crochet :P

Latvian fingerless mitts. I don't knit much fair isle, but these are beautiful; love the color combination

Latvian Fingerless Mitts pattern by Beth Brown-Reinsel

Fingerless gloves knit with lace cuff, twined detail, colorful - the cuff adds a touch of romantic.

Worked from the toe up, this is a pair of socks that will not be easily forgotten. Adorable knitted foxes and a two color sole make this pattern whimsical, wonderful, and sly as a fox! Every moment of knitting them will be an experience you won’t forget.

Foxy Sox pattern by Elizabeth Strube

Ravelry: Bandoneon by Ilona Korhonen

Bandoneon pattern by Ilona Korhonen