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For real!
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For real!

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Dealing With ADHD Kids – Straight Talk To Help You Cope - Nutrition & (Kids) Health Tips

How many times have you heard people say that ADHD is not a real disease, it is just bad parenting? At the other end of the spectrum in dealing with ADHD kids, we have the medication brigade who think Ritalin and other drugs will do the job. Obviously, there is a happy medium. It is interesting …

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Madam Garnet Dellagatta, I am staying at Houston. I have a job as Moldmaker or Mouldmaker. My hobby...

So embarrassing. Because then people get annoyed and treat you like you're an idiot, when you just weren't there for a minute mentally.
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Forgetting your sentence. #adhdproblems
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Uhhh this never happens *whistles*...wait I'm on pinterest damn it!
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All the time :( ck yes, I can completely describe an object before I can remember the word for it. lol
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Adhd girl problems! This is ME!!!!!!!!HLL
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Adhd girl problems! This is ME!!!!!!!!HLL

Oh my goodness! So true! Just count the number of my Pinterest boards!
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I can't tell you how many times I forgot to take my ADD and ADHD meds. It's horrible. And then later when I'm staring of into space, or thinking about something random. I remember
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which always reminds me of what Jesus said "let your yes be yes and your no be no"... how to simplify speech. :)
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and wondering if it's because I've forgotten something...
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