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a woman in a graduation cap and gown is holding up her diploma while posing for the camera
insta: @mckenziesasserr
a woman wearing a graduation cap and gown posing for a photo in front of a brick building
a woman in graduation cap and gown holding her hand up to her head while smiling
Cap and Gown Senior Pictures | Orange County, CA | JenRenPro - California Senior Photographer
a woman kneeling down next to a dog with a graduation cap on it's head
GRAD CAP AND GOWN POSING IDEAS!Congrats Class of 2022!!
Cap and Gown Posing • Try variations of both the cap and gown on and off of your graduate. • Try to catch your senior being playful! (Graduation is an amazing accomplishment!) • Overshoot! Just keep snapping and you will surely find a pose you love!
someone is holding up a graduation cap with flowers on it
Graduation hat
FSU Grad Photos
FSU Grad Photos