Christine Wilhelmsen

Christine Wilhelmsen

Christine Wilhelmsen
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Flower tattoo has always been one of the popular choices for women tattoo idea. From time to time cupped shape poppy flower came into our view among the beautiful tattoos. Poppies have long been cultivated in many parts of the… Continue Reading →

Copenhague Table CPH30

Part of the HAY Copenhague range, the Copenhague Table sets itself apart by its colored linoleum table top. Featuring an untraditional surface on this unc

LA:Bruket - flydende sæbe - lemongrass

104 Bergamot/Patchouli Liquid Soap 450 ml by L:A Bruket: Liquid soap for hand and body wash. Essential oil mix that softens, refreshes and has stimulating and astringent properties.