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the sun and moon with clouds in gold on black background, set of two images
Stock Photo and Image Portfolio by Peratek | Shutterstock
Sun and moon in the cloudy sky. Decorative graphic design elements in oriental style. Vector hand drawn illustration
three different types of knifes are shown in this antique print from the 19th century
an old church window with iron bars on it
Medieval Church Windows stock photo. Image of london - 15658494
a hand holding an embroidered cross on a white shirt with gold fleur de lis
an old book with different types of designs on it's pages, including circles and lines
an old drawing of a gothic church
Fig. 70. Wimperge vom Kölner Dom.
an image of different types of shapes in the form of circles and letters, with their names
an ornate stained glass window on the side of a building with trees in front of it
Rose Retreat