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a black and white poster with numbers in the shape of a circle on a dark background
Moon Calendar 2013 by Edubarba - Contemporary - Artwork - by Etsy | Houzz
Moon Calendar 2013 by Edubarba contemporary artwork: The numbers on this minimalist calendar grow and shrink depending on the current moon phase.
the sleep cycle on an iphone
1.png by Michal Langmajer
sleep cycle, graph, mobile, dark, ui, info graphic
an electronic device with four buttons on it
photography by sang-sik pang / / Series by Dae-hoo Kim, via Behance
a glass display case with different weather symbols on the front and back sides, sitting on top of a wooden stand
QM weather.
Branding & Iconography for an IoT weather forecast product released in Tokyo, Japan.
an info sheet with different languages and numbers on it, including the words in each language
The Sunlight Foundation
Programming Languages of the World
an info sheet showing the different types of waves and their corresponding colors, with text below
Television Viewing
Television Viewing | 12th February to 11th March 2011 This c… | Flickr
the diagram shows how many different types of objects can be seen in this graphic style
Sound wave infographic
Sound wave infographic on Behance
the weather is coming up and it's going to be raining in the next few days
managing_dashboard_full_size.png by Cindy Wang
Affiche - Chiffres Clefs - Visages: Korean House, Hispanic American, Affinity Designer
I am an Hispanic American | Infographic inspiration, Infographic design, Infographic
Affiche - Chiffres Clefs - Visages:
an orange and black line drawing of planes flying in the sky with clouds above them
Daum 로그인
디자인에 관심이 있으세요? 이번 주의 디자인 관련 인기 핀을 확인하세요. | 안읽은 메일 | Daum 메일
an info sheet showing the different types of boats in the water and how to use them
Beautiful augmented reality infographic | Infographic contest
Infographic design by Henrylim for Augmented Reality company AGLC. Real photos are paired with hand sketches. #illustration #photography #art