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"Copperhead" Hoppy Red Ale Beer Recipe | E. C. Kraus Homebrewing Blog

This beer started out as many good beers do: attempting to copy, or “clone”, someone else’s good beer. One of my favorite local nano-breweries produces a very hoppy red ale that I have fallen in love with.

This recipe from Josh Weikert will help you make your best English IPA.

Explore the approach that showcases the flavor of hops while preserving the distinctly “Belgian” character of Belgian beers, embodied in the Belgian IPA.

Czech Style Pilsner HomeBrew Recipe

All Grain Czech Style Pilsner Recipe. HomeBrew recipe for a Czech Style Pilsner. Golden colored and crisp with floral hop aromas and mild sweet malt flavors.

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Advanced Elements Rapidup Kayak Sail: A portable sail accessory for any kayak. It allows you to harness the downwind movement for additional movement. Used to go with the wind.