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entrance to underground pit in Mycenae, Greece - by SBA73

Mycenae Underground Pit Entrance, Argolida, Peloponnisos, Greece (This would be the perfect entrance to My Man Cave)

Rock Worm

I knew fish, mushrooms, and some adult insects could glow, but it's neat seeing larva being able to glow.

Wing design

Cicadas always bring me back to my childhood in southeast Texas. A sure sign of the arrival of summer. haufsbeautifulcreatures: love cicadas: Pattern, Insects And Bugs, Cicada, Bugs Insects, Animal

Head shape and inspiration

A fascinating micro picture of a so called simple Ensign Wasp. Enlarge to see the DETAILS of the look blue & green colors in a bug's eye - TINY MIRACLES!

Luna bug design

This beetle with a Transformer-esque cute game ~ 19 Creatures That Conclusively Prove Size Isn't Everything