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a cartoon character with a light saber in his hand
Jedi grogu💚
darth vader in bed with the caption that reads, i'm going to
an image of a cartoon character with a speech bubble above it that says, we just call him brown eyes
an animation strip showing different scenes from the movie star wars
Keldabe | wilyart
an image of baby yoda in the dark with text that reads, me seeing the mandalian without his helmet even though i know what pedro pascal looks like
two pictures with the same caption and one saying, you're like a father to him under helmet
two cartoon images with the same person hugging each other
StarWars prompts and asks
a comic strip with an image of darth vader holding a baby star wars character
the storyboard for star wars is shown in two different stages, including an animated scene and
two pictures of the same character in star wars, one with a baby yoda
If this happens in the series the number of memes for this will be legendary.