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Chatrine Pirceny

Look at my pins they tell about me <3
Chatrine Pirceny
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I always see pins like this with the good food and tag rollin' w' the homies. I want these homies, my friends only eat McDonald's and if the economy's good Burger King.

Chocolate SNOW Ice Cream

Since Hampton Roads is under a ton of snow you might want to consider making the tasty treat known as snow cream. Basic Snow Cream You’ll Need: 4 cups fresh snow 1 cup of milk cup sugar 1 tsp…


Electric Tea - looking for a fun twist on the classic Long Island? This cocktail is not for the faint of heart, with a strong mix of several liquors it goes down sweet and smooth. : guest post: Pass the Sushi - cravingsofalunatic

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YES BOBA! Boba milk is amazing and a hearty drink, that comes from the ancient poop heads who used to fart on fish eggs then they would ferment into these boba's - legend says