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Tweet by @PaperFury. Ways to fix writer's block. Try turning the author on and off again. Let them talk, they might talk themselves out of their own mess. If they're crying, put them in a bag of rice. Say "give up then" in a comforting way and watch them get back to work out of sheer spite. Reply by @SketchesByBoze. At this point the only things fueling my writing are spite and vengeance., your best story is waiting. Writing Tips, Writing Prompts, Writing A Book, Writer Memes, Writing Memes, Writing Romance Novels, Writing Advice, Let Them Talk, Writers Help
How to Fix Writer's Block
Personally, I don't believe in writer's block as a mysterious condition that can strike at any time. It usually has a cause, and once you've identified it, you can work on overcoming it. ✏️ Write what you can’t. Give yourself permission to try the thing you deep-down-want-to-try. ✏️ Do some freewriting or daydreaming. Reconnect with what inspired you about the story in the first place. ✏️ Get feedback you can trust, from a critique group, for example, or a professional editor.
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